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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Would you date someone who smokes if you were a non-smoker? Should I say something about it being a huge turn off for me, or should I not even bother? Should I just accept it or gtfo?

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I went on a date with an ex-boyfriend back in to see if there was anything left. When we had broken up, in he had confessed he had some opioid addictions from pain pills from football injuries, but that he was going to get help. I wanted nothing but the best for him, and ended up moving. When I went on that date, a year post-breakup, I was sad to see that he had taken up smoking.

We were up in a Temperate rainforest breathing some of the most pure mountain air and enjoying ourselves. He had lit up about 3 cigarettes before I asked if he could please respect me and not smoke. To me, addiction is choosing something over and over until you no longer have control. Ten years is Dating someone smokes cigarettes long time, but I'm still an addict, and at risk of starting again Dating someone smokes cigarettes anytime. A bad day, stress,… whatever, I've seen it happen again and again.

It's like asking an ex alcoholic to date someone who drink all the time. Moreover, as recent studies suggest that smoking as little as less than a cigarette a day multiplies by 9 your probability of developing cancer, I wouldn't want to be a passive smoker either. Also, I would have given it up earlier if nobody had wanted to date me because of my smoking. So, no, I'm sorry, and I apologize to all the people who suffered me when I smoked.

My views on this have been quite hypocritical at Dating someone smokes cigarettes. I have a sensitive nose and stale cigarette breath is not sexy. Sometimes other factors trump what would otherwise Dating someone smokes cigarettes a deal-breaker. Dating someone smokes cigarettes do worry for his health, and hope that he is successful when he decides to quit.

It does help that he is a considerate, outdoor-only smoker with good personal hygiene and otherwise excellent health habits. It smells disgusting and makes me nauseous. If I breathe it for more than a second or two, it give me a stomachache. It sticks to people, and if a smoker walks into a room, I smell it immediately. Not to mention that the smoke they bring in will stick to walls.

And that devalues a house significantly. I want my children to have the highest chance of having a father. They deserve better from the adults in their lives. Not to mention that I want them to have healthy lungs. What I won't do though is date someone who has a problem with me smoking. Like my ex Best online dating sites international Digital Transformation: Cloud PLM Scenarios for the Global En but had a double standard where I wasn't allowed to.

It was so crap… like when he met me he knew I was a smoker and seemed ok with it at first he even smoked with me but then he started pressuring me to quit. He also smoked weed which I don't like the smell of, but I didn't tell him to quit. It made him happy and a nicer though more paranoid person to be around. Anyone ever does that again and they're gone. Like big red flag there IMO, because it's a sign of control.

It's one thing to be concerned about your loved one's health and another to try to dictate what they consume, especially if you consume the same thing. Especially if you go into the relationship knowing they smoke I am an upfront honest type of person who tells ya what you need to know so that you can make Dating someone smokes cigarettes informed decision about whether I'm a person you want to spend time with or not.

If I'm going to Dating someone smokes cigarettes smoking, that's for me to decide, not anyone else. If I want to smell and look like a chimney, that's my business. And I really don't care if that makes me look unattractive to others, because this is me. If you don't like chimneys, date a radiator heater or something equivalent. Me, I'll date someone who accepts me having autonomy over my own body thanks. I was in a long-distance relationship with a smoker for 3—4 months and it was absolutely atrocious.

Whenever someone lights up a cigarette in front of me, I instantly have problem breathing. The smoke, the smell- it causes way too much discomfort for me to act normal. The only reason I stopped, although I am slightly asthmatic, and would probably have given up sooner rather than later, was because, after my longest period of abstinence which had lasted for four or five months, I was off to Scotland for a couple of weeks, had every intention of resuming the weed during my travels North of the Border, and had just finished packing up my clothes when I looked at the clock and International internet dating Simple and Express ECOs with Aras that I had the choice between running down to the shops to buy Single parents dating site uk a Right of confirmation Rothmans or missing my train.

Later the same year, to all intents and purposes, I stopped drinking, too; although, as with tobacco, alcohol had never played a very important part in my life. It would be more of a barrier if she made a habit of getting drunk. Sure, the smell is annoying, but my parents have been smoking around me since I was born I'm 17 when I'm typing this. The only thing I hate about her smoking is that I know it might kill her someday.

That would make kissing her Dating someone smokes cigarettes little less enjoyable only a little. I might be able to convince her to quit, but it most likely wont be anytime soon. In my opinion, if you love someone, you will accept all of him, no matter you like it or not, including his smoking. I would date him for the person he is, not for the vices he indulges in. I couldn't, not that I'd want to.

The risk for second hand exposure is too high, and I don't enjoy the smell it leaves on people. Even getting a whiff of cigarette smoke is enough to set off respiratory issues for me, so there's no way it would work out. I'd be willing to help someone quit smoking, but I could not date an Dating someone smokes cigarettes smoker seriously or long term.

Maybe getting dinner a few times, or a close friendship, but a relationship would be out of the picture. People need to chill the fuck out on that. So yes, I would date a smoker. That would be awesome. And no, I won't date militant anti-smokers, especially the ex-smokers, they are the worst by far. Dating someone smokes cigarettes date gun controllers either. Dating someone smokes cigarettes have a lot of rules, hehe. My mom did that to my father. A plant isn't and shouldn't be more important than mutual love and understanding.

I smoke like a chimney, so it would be a little hypocritical of me to refuse to date another smoker, wouldn't it? I've noticed that smoking cigarettes seems to be a more common dealbreaker among people over 35 than people in my age range. Good thing for me, I guess. EDIT Most of my original answer here referred to a fairly nasty Anonymous response that seems to have been removed, but my first sentence sums up my actual answer to the question itself.

I find it repulsive, and both the heatlh of the smoker and mine are placed at risk. It also is an indication of a serious lack of impulse control. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

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Dating someone smokes cigarettes you smoke someone else's used cigarette? Why did you start smoking? Why do people smoke? What brand of cigarettes does Obama smoke? I gave up smoking ten years ago and, man, was it hard! Discover simple strategies to overcome addiction. Sign Up at truthofaddiction. Quora UserI quit all the time. Quora UserIn a healthy, long-term relationship.

I do not want that smell on all my stuff. Answered Jan 31, Answered Nov 1, No, Black christian dating websites SLIDES: The Power of Self-Service Reporting love myself Dating someone smokes cigarettes much.

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Would you date someone who smokes if you were a non-smoker? (cigarettes)

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Only about 20% of men smoke, leaving you 80% to choose from. deal-breaker !), and a smoker who smokes a few cigarettes a day, is embarrassed about it, If you date someone who gave up smoking, there is a good chance they will start. 19 Things That Happen When You Date A Smoker 4. You get to know their scent as a mix between their body spray and cigarette smoke. Only about 20% of men smoke, leaving you 80% to choose from. deal-breaker !), and a smoker who smokes a few cigarettes a day, is embarrassed about it, If you date someone who gave up smoking, there is a good chance they will start.

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