4th Of July Parade 2018 Near Me Guide For NYC, DC, CL & Boston Cities

4th Of July Parade 2018 Near Me:- On July 2, 1776, 13 colonies of British America took a vote to justify the revolt against British Monarchy and signed a proclamation of Independence. 2 days later these representatives from 13 colonies called themselves a free country named the United States of America. That day is celebrated every year since then, as Independence Day of United States of America. 4th Of July Parades 2018 and 4th Of July Fireworks 2018 events will be the reall charm on the US Indpendence Day 2018.

4th Of July Parade 2018

4th Of July Parade 2018

Representatives from 12 colonies first proposed a motion on Independence from British Rule on June 7, 1776. This Delegate was called the Continental Congress. This Motion was filed to support and Justify the revolt against British Monarchy. There were many reasons to file the motion. British Atrocities against colonial America, Tax increase, Trade Monopoly are some major reasons of them.

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The Committee then assigned 5 members to review the motion under Thomas Jefferson. Other Members on the committee were John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Roger Sherman of Connecticut and Robert R. Livingston of New York. After a Month the Motion was voted in favour of Independence of British America.

4th Of July Parade 2018 Near Me

Throughout all 50 states of the United State of America, Independence Day is celebrated with Fireworks, Gun Salute, Parades, Public Ceremonies and concerts.
4th Of July Parade 2018 in the country are participated with honour by bands, Civilians, Veterans and Motor Bands. Here we have listed some best Fourth of July Parades in the United States of America for you to join.

4th Of July Parades Near Me

4th Of July Parades Near Me

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  • Fourth Of July 2018 Parade Bristol, Rhode Island: Here the first Fourth of July celebration was marked. In Bristol Fourth of July Parade Tradition is oldest in the country marking the 241st anniversary. The celebration starts early on Flag day and ends with Fourth of July Parade in Bristol Rhode Island.
  • Fourth Of July Parade Washington DC: The celebration of Fourth of July in the capital is traditional as well as spectacular. The Parade commences from Constitution Avenue and 7th Street, Goes west to Smithsonian and concludes at 17th Street. The celebration here consists of Marching bands, Floats, Political ceremonies, Military divisions march etc.

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  • 4th Of July Parade Alameda, California: The town is home to one of the longest Fourth of July Parade in the country. The Parade here concludes the length of 3.3 miles. Later in the evening, there is great Firework in blue, red and white and picnics in the park. It is a great way to spend time with family.
  • 4th Of July Parade NYC 2018: In Cooperstown, New York another oldest Fourth of July Parade is organised. One should also see the great Macy’s Fireworks overlooking Brooklyn Bridge. It is the most iconic Fireworks in the country. Barbeque Trains, Picnic Parks and Independence Day concerts are some other things that one should not miss on Happy 4th Of July celebration.

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  • USA Independence Day Parade 2018 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: From the Historic District of Pennsylvania, Fourth of July celebration commemorates many events. The Parade when walks through the district of Philadelphia, It looks mesmerising with Marching Bands, Cavalcade and Military shows. Other important things one can do in the colonial state are Free Museum entry in Art and History Museums, Independence Day Concerts, Fireworks, City Hall, Orchestra Concerts etc.

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